Tripzy Leary Discusses His Origins, Aliens and Space Travel, ‘Space Migration’ + More! [FUXWITHIT In

"Click here to read the full interview" On January 4, Tripzy Leary introduced us to his latest pallet of mind altering frequencies in a new release to kick off 2019. Still buzzing from the release on Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label with Arrival alongside GDubz, Tripzy Leary now dialed in the coordinates for his biggest body of work yet in the form of the Space Migration LP.

On the billion year voyage to higher intelligence, the Cyberdelics federation seek out planets with evolutionary delay, dismantling any political forces who deceptively manipulate a specific species of DNA seeded across the universe. In this 12 track LP, Tripzy Leary tells the story of the cyber-pilots’ journey to their space migration destination.

During this psychedelic trip to outer-space, listeners are greeted with rumbling wubs and sonic vibrations in ‘Departure’ that will rattle the darkest depths of unearthly galaxies and beyond. Elsewhere, ‘Access Granted’ touches on modern day technology drawing on social media vocal samples among a bubbling bassline. Continuing the voyage, ‘Space Migration’ spans a landscape of intricate sound designs, with some cleverly crafted production to mimic the likes of UFOs, aliens, and the general ambiance of an eerie universe. ‘Force Field’ and ‘Game Over’ depart from the experimental bass realms, with upbeat rhythms and grooving drum lines that draw on bass house and trap. Overall, the Space Migration LP truly takes listeners to celestial dimensions that span a new level of mind bending discoveries, and is sure to have you questioning your own existence.

Hot off the trippy sonic journey that is the Space Migration LP, we had the chance to catch up with Tripzy Leary to chat about everything from his origins, to his thoughts about aliens and space travel, to his inspiration for his latest works. Check out the full interview Here