Tripzy Leary Bass from outer space (IDJ Magazine Interview)

January 26, 2019

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Quentyn Harley is a bass music producer from Canada. Tripzy Leary, on the other hand, has his mind on much bigger things...


Few artists in bass music have a name that offers such onomatopoeic satisfaction as Tripzy Leary. Part of the freeform new wave of deep bass that’s been oozing out of the US in recent years, sonically he does indeed leave you lurching and leering in your mental spaceship, scratching your head as his music slurs, melts and mutates psychedelically like a Dali in Deep Dream.

But this trip goes much deeper than just a musical passage. All the best trips do. A cosmic thread runs deep through everything Tripzy does. In fact, Tripzy Leary isn’t an actual human being at all: he’s an alien from a higher species who seeded DNA on this planet billions of years ago, and he’s returned to protect the DNA and prepare it for metamorphosis and space migration.

This is where we’re at in Tripzy’s tale so far: an evacuation from a terraformed earth. Evolution has been corrupted by political forces and it’s time for the lucky DNA to make the migration and connect with higher beings on the intergalactic network. The journey is expected to take until 2020, maybe longer, and his genre/mind/sense-melting debut album Space Migration maps our journey so far…

One part concept, two parts conduit, Tripzy isn’t just an alias for British Columbia-based artist Quentyn Harley, and Space Migration isn’t just a story… inspired by Timothy Leary’s philosophy on metamorphosis and how the psychedelic movement influence rapid technological advancement, Quentyn uses Tripzy Leary as a vessel to interpret and translate his own understanding, thoughts and hopes for humans during the most accelerated and turbulent times in modern history.

And whether it’s through his music, the actions of his freshly launched label Cyberdelics or during an interview, he articulates these thoughts with clarity, a fast-paced enthusiasm and wild dot-joining appreciation for all things cosmic that’s just as satisfying as his sonically imitative name. Tune in and turn on… "Read the  full article here"


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