PREMIERE: Tripzy Leary’s ‘GIVE2FUX’ Is A Journey To Outer Space

March 31, 2019

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Tripzy Leary kicked off 2019 with a bang, unleashing his biggest body of work to date with the otherworldly Space Migration LP. With various originals and remixes released since the big project, it is evident the eclectic producer is only showing fans the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his creative ideas. Just last week, he shared his official entry for QUIX’s ‘Stronger’ remix contest (which you can vote for here), and now he’s back with a wonky original titled ‘GIVE2FUX’ that we are stoked to premiere today.

“Since my album release I started working on my first USA tour. I draw a lot of motivation and inspiration from having things to look forward to like going on my first tour. I want to make all sorts of new stuff for it and ‘GIVE2FUX’ is kinda inspired by not really caring what I do with it but also care enough for who it’s for so it has a double meaning,” Tripzy Leary states about the inspirations for his latest single. “This release is more about what I can do when I fux with the sound. And, it’s like a figure of speech for something we all love which is bass music, I FUXWITHIT,” he adds.

A soothing melody transports listeners to the depths of an enchanted forest in the introduction, where Tripzy Leary uses chiming keys and calming percussion to create an aural essence. A rapid change of pace hints at an extraterrestrial abduction, before a grave vocal sample leads you into minimal bass madness. If the introduction was a calming voyage through a beautiful landscape, the drop is a journey through the darkness of space.

Through rumbling synths and resonating frequencies, Tripzy Leary paints a vivid picture of the abnormalities of the galaxy and its unexplored terrain. It’s only at the end of ‘GIVE2FUX’ that listeners are reminded that this journey was only a part of their untameable imagination. Check it out for yourself below, and stay tuned for more to come from Tripzy Leary. 



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